“It was a great experience, the  doctor that mom spoke with was very professional and my mom was in amazement that a service like eDocHome Care was available to her. In the past I would have to take a day off work and we would sit in the doctor’s office for an hour while she was in pain to accomplish what only took minutes with eDocHome Care. What a blessing this is. Thanks for caring.”

P. Lafont,  Missouri 


“The last time Mom had an UTI, I called her doctor and the wait time was almost 2 weeks.  Instead of going to Urgent Care, I used eDocHome Care and was so surprised.  It was simple, easy and effective.  The doctor called Mom in about 8 minutes and talked to her for about 15 minutes.  The doctor sent her prescription to the pharmacy and in less than 30 minutes from start to finish, she was taking her antibiotic. This will change her life and mine for the better!”

J. Davenport,  Tennessee


“My mother would never tell me when she was not feeling well. She would always tell me I was to busy to worry about her and she didn’t want to bother me.  When I discovered your program, I signed her up immediate.  Within a week, mom was not feeling well and we used your service.  It was amazing.  The consultation was in the morning and I went by the pharmacy on my lunch break and took the prescription to my mom.  My mom received the care she needed and I did not need to take time off from work. Now any time my mom is not feeling well, she tells me it is time to call the doctor. I think ever senior should have this program.”

S. Gilbert, California


“My father spends about two months a year with me.  During his last visit he started suffering from a sinus infection.  His doctor was 800 miles away and I was dreading a trip to the urgent care.  I remembered my sister enrolled him in your program.  I didn’t have any information other than your telephone.  I called and your staff was so helpful.  They scheduled a consultation for him and was able to send his prescription to my pharmacy.  The convenience of your program is without a doubt the best.”

K. Hammons,  New York